If you want to become a more patient, more careful, more sparing, more hipster photographer, word on the street is you buy a film camera. (My very uncool 8-year-old self who once spent an entire roll and a half of film trying to capture the essential essence of four geese begs to differ, but what can you do? Kids, man. Amiright, mom and dad?) Since I routinely return from a shoot with thousands of photos to comb through, it seemed time to invest. Enter Mari, a little Olympus OM-1. (Namesake here.)


This is my favorite from my first role of film. Captured this little dumpling waiting for her pasta to arrive.

It’s too soon to say whether my tendency towards voluminous quantities of digital media will be curtailed, but I can say this for film: this moment feels more real and more precious to me than the thousands of seconds captured on SD cards during the same trip.

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  1. Alice Stanley Dervin Aug 02, 2016, 22:26

    Like! Like! Love!