Early Morning at Tunnel View

“Getting up early is for suckers!” says my 18-year-old self. And when it comes to zero hour classes and first shifts, she’s so right. Getting up early to work is for suckers, especially when you’re young and all the interesting conversations happen after midnight.

But getting up early on vacation to see the sun come up? Followed by optional mid-day naps? Completely different situation (for some—18-year-old self still gives that a hard pass).

There’s a surprising amount of morality tied to sleeping hours. The correct person to blame is Ben Franklin, who famously said, “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise—but sure don’t make a dude president.”

In an agrarian society where you can only work in the daylight, praise for those who take maximum advantage of available light makes sense. But thanks in part to Franklin’s own work, productivity in modern fields isn’t limited to the daytime.

No more associating laziness with keeping later hours. That said, here’s a photo that could only be achieved by waking before the dawn.


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