In the Box

At some point during the first week of first grade, the teacher hauled a huge cardboard box out of a supply closet—a box that likely previously housed a refrigerator or a chest of drawers. It had a small square window cut into one side.

“This—” our teacher proclaimed solemnly, “is the punishment for those who can’t stop pestering their neighbors.” I could visualize the box fitting snuggly over my desk, blocking me from the other students, narrowing my line of sight to the teacher and the blackboard.

And I immediately thought to myself, How will I ever do something naughty enough to get to be in the box?

I couldn’t think of anything I wanted more. The dark. The privacy. Not to be pestered by my classmates’ endless chatter.

This is the thrill I get from riding the Brown Line around the Chicago Loop.

It empties, and you can gaze out at the city in peace.

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